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Our talented team of craftsman and kitchen designers brings years of culinary experience to every project and order.  Master Food Trucks has vast experience as custom food and marketing truck and trailer fabricators. By default, we are listen and understand the customer needs. We have dozens of clients and brand partnerships from across the country, so we are very experienced with your local rules and regulations.  The United States is a large and blessed country, so if you are from a state or a county that we never built a food truck for and you are not sure what the rules and regulations to obtain the permit are, we will do the research for you, and gather all the information that will guide us with the build, planning and design. Book an appointment to meet with us and lets discuss your concept. Let’s bounce ideas and get the design that works the best for you. We can speak via the phone, in person or even on a video conference. So book an appointment, and lets start to transform your dream into reality.


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Book an appointment

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