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The 5×10 NYC Food Carts

5×10 NYC Food Carts are the most recognizable fixture on the streets.

The 5×10 NYC Food Carts are the most recognizable fixture on the streets of NYC. These 5X10 NYC Food Carts are all stainless steel trailers where nowadays they are being wrapped just like a food truck. There are sndless possibilities and configurations which make these trailers very versatile. We fabricate these trailers from the ground up in our Brooklyn facility. Because of the dimension restrictions, NYC entrepreneurs are getting creative, and their carts are designed to produce menus that usually would be served on a bigger food truck or even a takeout restaurant. From a breakfast menu to chicken over rice halal style, all the way to caribbean BBQ and jerk chicken. We have built 5X10 NYC Food carts for the thai noodles concept, Belgian fresh cut fries, Russian dumplings and much more… Our 5X10 NYC Carts brings restaurant food service to the streets, compact 50sqft of stainless steel structure, that will pack a punch on the streets of New York City. Let us know what is your concept and we’ll design a compact and effective setup that will allow you to maximise sales. LED signs, digital menus, CCTV camera system audio systems and much more.

Master Chef Mobile Kitchens, Inc

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